5 Questions to Patrick Zeh

1. Was becoming a chef your dream job or more a coincidence?

I got my love and talent for cooking in my crib. My grandparents ran a popular restaurant in Leipzig. My father is a multiple time German champion in cocktail mixing and my uncle Wolfgang ran a hotel for a long time. After the 10th grade I started my apprenticeship as a chef, first in a country inn in Bavaria followed a 5-star hotel in Leipzig. I have been wearing my chef's hat since 1994 and continue my love of gastronomy and thus the tradition of my family.

2. You have been in Zermatt for a long time - how did this come about?

I read a report about Switzerland in the “Feinschmecker” Magazine. It listed the top catering establishments, so spontaneously I packed my things and ventured to Switzerland by car - heading south. Once there, I applied to selected establishments from Feinschmecker Magazine. However, when I reached Zermatt, the final destination of my trip, my heart beat faster. I knew I had arrived. I like Zermatt as a gastronomic mecca. Actually, I only wanted to stay one year - now it's 20 years.

3. How do you feel about finished products?

Finished products are a good alternative at home when things have to be quick.As a chef you learn to do EVERYTHING yourself. The only convenience product we have at Mama is french fries, because the time-benefit factor is simply greater. Otherwise, my professional pride does not allow me to use them. It is a matter close to the heart of the whole Mama Family that everything is always freshly cooked and prepared from scratch.

4. Favorite creation for Mama and why exactly this?

My absolute favorite meal at Mama is the Alpstein chicken because it is an exclusive product. Alpstein chickens used to be threatened with extinction, now the chickens are certified by the Bianchi company, which keep the chickens free-range in the Alps. The color and taste combination of this dish is unique. The various textures and the taste explosion is huge!

5. Vision Mama's Cooking School - What Can We Expect?

Mama’s Darling learns to treat food respectfully.Cooking is wonderful, but also needs to be learned! The Mama Family brings cooking and fun closer! The use of whole animals and vegetables is important to me personally. A homage to the animal and nature, so to speak! It bothers me if only the fillet is bought and prepared. The whole product is precious & tasty. Cooking it all - that's what Mama’s darling learns from us in the Mama kitchen.