Mama's Highlights

What makes the Hotel Zermama special? It’s all about our vibe... cosy and laid back and always welcoming. We can hardly describe it here just check out some of our stats and facts. #goodtoknow

Small is beautiful.

Hotel Zermama is a relatively small hotel. With 29 rooms, a "the Zermama Bistro" and a great ski room. Comfy and cosy.

Location, location, location.

For ski bunnies and Zermatt explorers. Hotel Zermama is practically located in the middle of Zermatt, near the foot of the Matterhorn. The Sunnegga Railway is 2 minutes walk away and from there the piste is in easy reach. Say bye bye to overcrowded ski shuttles and schlepping equipment here, there and everywhere. The village centre can also be reached on foot in a few minutes, so you can shop and drop! Zermatt station is only a stone's throw away

Brand New Rooms.

Hotel Zermama has opened in December 2019, so the rooms are all new. 

It comes from the heart.

Hotel Zermama is close to the heart for Sandrine Julen and the whole Mama Family. Easy and cosy, a place where you feel well taken care of and looked after, just like you would with Mama! Everyone knows that Mama’s way is the best way!

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