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What is Hotel ZERMAMA?

First of all, Mama Zermatt is a matter close to the heart of Sandrine Julen and the Mama Family. A long-cherished dream of an easy and cosy hotel in the middle of Zermatt.

29 brand new rooms.
1 Zermama Bistro for "good food all day long".
Ski room with personal ski depot.
4 minutes from Zermatt railway station.
1 minute minute walk to the cable car Sunnegga.
1 inhouse shop for our shopaholics.
1 Puraworka. Co-working Space for our workaholics

How do I get to car-free Zermatt?

It's actually true: Zermatt is car-free. And that alone makes it an attraction. But how do you get to this fascinating mountain village?

By car: Drive to Täsch (5km from Zermatt), park your car in the multi-storey car park and then take the train (every 20 minutes) to Zermatt and arrive in just 12 minutes. The Mama Mobil will be waiting for you and will bring you directly to the hotel (2 minutes "Zermatt Sightseeing"). Just one thing, don’t forget to call Mama 15 minutes before your arrival in Zermatt.

By plane: from Zurich-Kloten airport by train to Zermatt (3.5 hours), from Geneva-Cointrin in 4 hours.

Alternatives: Taxi, helicopter (Air Zermatt, as seen on Netflix), GlacierExpress.

When can I check in and out?

Check in: from 3pm, Check out: by 11am. Late Check Out? Gladly, on request.

Can I take my pet with me?

For dogs we charge 25 CHF per day. When we write pet, we really mean dogs. If our guests are actually in possession of other feathered or furred friends, Mama will try to find a solution. Giraffes & elephants could be difficult, but who knows...P.S: Turtles stay for free as they have no hair.

Zermama Bistro, what's that?

"Zer Mama" means "at Mama". Just as "Zer Matt" literally means "at the meadow". We are, where it’s at! The "Zermama Bistro" welcomes the hungry and thirsty from 7am – 10pm, daily. In the morning - delicious breakfast (Mama bakes something fresh every day). In between and in the evening there are delicious dishes à la carte in the bistro. Classic cocktails are mixed directly at the Mama Bar. Coffee and snacks to go are available all day long. On the sun terrace Spritzes and Sundowners, and sometimes Mama celebrates a stylish Apres Ski with groovy tunes. Ready to shake?

How do I get to the Matterhorn?

We recommend the climb for super pros only, those of you who have an extremely high level of physical fitness and years of experience in climbing. For all the rest: seeing is believing amd it really is a spectacular sight. From near, from far, from your own hotel room with a drink in your hand or a fondue fork in your mouth. See it all from the Hotel Zermama. Minimal effort required.

Grüezi, Fondue, Ricola & Co. 

Beware the Swiss myths and stereotypes, because here customs and traditions vary according to canton. Zermatt lies in the southern Swiss canton of Valais. A special place where everyone knows each other and a friendly face is never far. Friends are near and so is food and what’s the friendliest food? Fondue! The original fondue is a warm pot with melted cheese in which bread, vegetables or other things are dipped. Raclette, the other friendly cheesy delicacy, but is melted cheese, which is then scraped and served with side dishes (potatoes & cucumbers). Both are yummy and both are to be found here. Ricola was also invented in Switzerland, but that doesn't mean that everyone in Zermatt sucks on these herb sweets. So, dear ones, come to Zermatt and experience our version of delicious.

Va wa chusch
            de dü?

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