The scent of the mountains

Wonderful to have you back!  Our sense of smell is truly special. Among other things, it decides who we really like, and who we like less so. Mama also has an unmistakable scent, developed at Kukui fragrance studios! In this week’s blog you’ll accompany Mama to Olivier and Anna at their fragrance studio in Zürich!

The scents of the World

Perfume bottles on our cosmetics shelves have developed cult status of late, but tastes and preferences are very varied and each region has its tendencies. The classics dominate in France; Chanel's N ° 5, Guerlain's Shalimar or Dior's Miss Dior Chérie. In the south, trends captive with their aquatic, refreshing scents. Neroli, citrus fruits, green and floral fragrances such as orange blossom, tangerine and the like are especially sought after by Italians and Spaniards. Rosa Nobile from Acqua di Parma, Neroli di Portofino from Tom Ford or Acqua di Gio from Armani, to name just a few. And in north flower scents are particularly sought after. Roses, gardenia and all other fragrant plants are especially popular. Sometimes in combination with vanilla or fruit notes such as blackberries, raspberries or lychee. Hello Burberry! A touch of 1001 nights with notes like musk, sandalwood, leather, patchouli, tobacco, tonka beans and vanilla is the trend in Arab countries. And in Asian countries like Japan, only light scents such as Issey Miyake and Kenzo have the potential to be a bestseller. In addition to classic perfume fragrances, the fragrance world is currently being whipped up by gourmet fragrances.

Gourmet fragrance - what the heck is that?!

The unmistakable scent of Mama's baked apple pie; cinnamon and cream. A cup of freshly brewed coffee from the finest Peruvian coffee beans. A warm, sinfully buttery croissant from one of the many cozy bakeries in the winding Old Town in Strasbourg. Mmmm, is your mouth watering? For a long time, Mama contemplated whether to introduce a gourmet fragrance to the hotel ... and finally decided against it! Why introduce the artificial fragrance of croissants and apple pies, when they are coming straight from the oven? Precisely! We needed another approach; Something exciting! We were drawn once again, to the logo. The soft and fresh light blue as the background color and the strong and passionate red for the warmth of maternal love. Our logo creates a certain tension and yet looks harmonious. Can’t we translate that visual tension into a perfume?’ we asked. The reply from dear Olivier and Anna was simply ‘of course’. But Mama was still wondering: how does the Matterhorn smell?

Mama sniffed through every scent…

There are many interesting and fragrant scents, but which suits Zermatt, which suits Mama? Amber, musk, neroli, leather, sandalwood, cedar, cinnamon, ginger, grass, fig, frankincense, the list goes on and on, so the exclusion process began. A ready-made fragrance wouldn’t be for Mama, she is too strong and distinctive. So, a touch of leather, a little ginger, a bit of incense and a big dose of love and voilà, the Kukui Studios arrived at their brief. Mama's fragrance should be completely relaxed, the scent of a well-deserved holiday. Yay! A scent for him and her. Because Mama loves everybody and because unisex fragrances are a lot cooler anyway. But for now, that’s enough talk of scent, let your senses decide!