Mama's Skiroom with a boom

Most important news first: Our ski room is located on the ground floor. For Mama, sport is a big thing and therefore, must be given appropriate importance. With the new ski room, you're one step closer to skiing pleasure. Sport is important to Mama!


No worries! You can get the latest snow sport equipment quickly and efficiently, just around the corner at our dear and trustworthy neighbour, Flexrent. With the ski rooms new position, you’ll now literally be a stone’s throw from the Sunnegga station, and easily the first on the freshly prepared ski slope. Peep across the road to observe the bustle at the Sunnega station and decide when you want to head for the train. Passersby can get peek through the window, a little insight into our new ski room paradise. After all, your wellbeing is Mama's top priority, hence the unpleasant up and down to the basement lifting heavy equipment is eliminated. Mama doesn’t like to see you struggle.


The comfortable benches, Mama’s own fragrance in the air, as well as harmonious tones are sure to gently motivate you onto the slopes. The ski cabinets will offer twice as much storage space for you in the future. All your equipment, from skis to avalanche rucksacks, will find a space in your very own closet. The automatic ski boot ventilation removes the bad odors, and of course, keeps your boots snuggly and warm. One last look in the cupboard door mirror and let's go!!