More than a simple room

Hello dear snow bunnies, sunbathers, those who cherish the afternoons on our cuddly soft lambskin sunbeds and a very warm hello you party animals! Well, sometimes you just need a holiday, a short or long break, but above all, a change of scenery from your beloved home. Mama knows that only too well.

In the sunny mountain canton of Valais, although not really centrally located (making it all the more special), you will find perhaps the most beautiful village in Switzerland: Zermatt.  Behold the Matterhorn, enjoy a day of skiing in arguably the best ski resort in the world and, of course, eat fondue. This has to be on your Bucket List! It all sounds fantastic; however, one still needs a wonderful place to stay.  Somewhere very special, that's for sure!

This isn’t an ordinary room with breakfast, but a home, a true retreat at a top location. You will find the ski lift just outside the front door and the main street is just one street away. And, what does the Mama atmosphere feel like?  It is warm and uncomplicated, true and genuine a feeling of being more at home with friends than in a hotel.  And as for the rooms, they’re so fashionable, instagrammable, and cozy that you just feel like home.

Our focus is on natural materials that enhance well-being, combined this with shapes, colors and patterns that embody our Valais style.

Warm wooden floors and wooden elements on the walls remind you, you’re in the Alps. The green Divan is not only multifunctional, but this too coordinates with the natural color concept. The stylish lamp and the flat screen (for Netflix fans as well as all others too) complement as sleek and modern components of the interior design.


Yes! our Mama is a very cool Mama; you can have ‘DIY’ fondue on your balcony any time you want.  Including: Matterhorn view, cuddly heat lamps and fluffy blankets. Now that’s cool, right?! Spirits like Apricotine (a digestive we like to drink here in Valais) are also available because Mama doesn’t want her darlings to get indigestion of course.

For more about fondue fun, how we eat fondue at Mama, and other details, stay tuned…to be discussed in the next chapter.


In addition, for families and friends we offer the opportunity to connect rooms. This creates private rooms for up to 7 people which are directly connected to each other. Alternatively, we are able to connect a suite with a double room for up to 4 people, so your holiday residence has a cozy living room overlooking the Matterhorn.

Bookings made directly through us will continue to benefit from the free transportation with the Mama Elektromobil to the hotel and back to the train station Zermatt or Parking Urania. Above all, booking directly with us will always be the best rate! Guaranteed!