In order to be perfectly prepared for a holiday in Zermatt, Mama recommends casting an eye over "Don‘ts" in Zermatt.

Cruising by car through Zermatt

Hey, Zermatt is car-free and that's not a rumour. Drivers who think they know better, are punished with a hefty fine of 600 CHF. So it is better to come from Täsch by train to Zermatt. Everything is within walking distance from Hotel Zermama.

Drive to Cervinia after 3pm

Cervinia, is the adjacent Italian ski resort, which also has really great slopes. However, if you take the exit to Cervinia after 3 pm, you’ll regret it! The tracks which connect Zermatt with Cervinia, all close between 15:15 and 15:45. Don’t say Mama didn’t warn you!

Without reservation

If you want to spend your holidays in Zermatt in the high season and have dinner in one of the numerous restaurants in the evening, Mama says - book in advance. The Mama Family is happy to take over the reservation and also to recommend Zermatt's tastiest hotspots. Mama likes to make sure everyone’s well fed.

Counting Calories

Big mistake in Zermatt, where it‘s teeming with fine restaurants and great bars. Start your diet when you get back, just please NOT in Zermatt!

Don't do it