A-Z, 'A' for Admiral - 'Z' for Zermatt

The 70s were engaging times in Zermatt. One hotel after another being constructed and numerous tourists reveling in the magic of the Matterhorn. Indeed, the majestic Matterhorn, wow! Visually the most famous and probably the most photographed mountain in the world; towering over Zermatt, made only more spectacular by the weather passing by. Hikers, mountaineers, skiers and photographers continually discover the way to Zermatt to stay in this unique landscape.

Location Location Location

The site of the former Hotel Admiral was used as a landfill until the 1960s. The building land was a heap of dirt, unrecognizable from the same site in 1972. This didn’t deter anyone however, and the Hotel Admiral was created…. Soon to be Hotel Mama. The Julen family was fortunate enough to acquire the property at an auction and, despite a generous offer from a guest, they decided to realize the hotel themselves. It was already established that the Sunnegga funicular would be built, as well as a small bridge. These two construction projects were only completed in 1980, however, two years after the hotel Admiral opened. The proximity to the Sunnegga ski area was a crucial point for many of our regular customers. Sports enthusiasts being very happy with the short commute, for maximum precious minutes on the mountain.

Hospitality and homeliness

On completion in 1978, with no family members available to run the hotel, the hotel Admiral was initially leased. FACT: The name was deliberately chosen to be the first entry in the phone book. Genius, right? Since 1990, the Admiral has been directed, cared for and cherished by the family. Hospitality and homeliness were priority from the outset. 15 years ago, the building was refurbished and the latest technology updated, now however, it's time for a change of scenery again. It's time for the Hotel Zermama! Young, fresh and extraordinary. Stay tuned for the next post, where we will reveal the story behind the name.