At dinner a glass or two, and for a that special occasion, it can always be a bit more. Wine is that magic drink that miraculously relaxes. Wine strengthens, contains many important vitamins and trace elements, and is a commodity that emphasizes joy and, of course, can be intoxicating.


The scent of spicy, fruity yet earthy flavor makes it easy to guess that we arrived in Mama’s rustic, stylish wine cellar. Placed along the natural stone walls, the simple to the noblest drops find a home here. At the center, a wooden table offers space for groups of up to 12 people. Looking up at your wine glass, you’ll see through the glass to the upper floor and can watch the bustle in the Zermama Bistro. On entering the bistro you’ll notice discreetly placed glass flooring, for a peek into Mama's basement! But beware, don’t fall down! The stylish new wine cellar containing Mama's select wines is one of the centerpieces in the hotel. Mama is keen to support the smaller winemakers in the area, however, there is no shortage of international drops too.


Opposites are known to attract. For a long time, it was frowned upon to combine wines from countries by the sea, such as Italy, France or Spain, with something typically "mountainous". For gourmets, however, tension teases the pallet for the ideal effect. A fine Valais cheese and a strong Spanish wine combine perfectly. Soft olive oil with a pinch of sea salt on olive bread fuse superbly with a drop of Valais red wine. Hence, Mama believes in Mare Monte 100%. Curious about exciting taste experiences in the Mama Wine Cellar? A highlight not to be missed!

Speaking about highlights ... See the Twist?


Imagine a ‘Wine and Dine’ in two different locations. Begin with a cozy get-together in Mama’s wine cellar, followed by a short walk through the old town (and a bit of fresh mountain air) glass of wine in hand and sliced mountain salami from Valais Prime Food. Followed by the culinary delights of Elsie's bar, savour a 5-course menu accompanied by wines to match. Incidentally, you can buy the wines and the matching products at the Mama Shop.