5 Questions to Neil – (Founder of PuraWorka)

1. What was the beginning?

I wanted to open a CoWorking Space in my hometown Lausanne. Whilst travelling to Costa Rica, I was working on the business plan. Stranded at a dream destination I threw my original idea of Destination Lausanne overboard. Why working in the city, when it’s so much nicer on the beach or in the mountains? Then I started my research for suitable destinations. That was the big and main challenge. As a matter of the heart it is mandatory to me that the local environment has to fit. The sustainability in Zermatt impressed. With the electric vehicles and the general car free environment, as well as the love for nature and skiing. The overall picture of the village fits perfectly with our values and is therefore perfect as a co-working destination

2. How did you come up with PuraWorka (what is the urge / necessity)?

The name PuraWorka is a reference to a common expression in Costa Rica: "Pura Vida". Pura Vida means pure and simple life. The full appreciation of Mother Nature, the importance of friends and relatives and of course the well-being are central! These are also the core values of PuraWorka because:
"PuraWorka aims to go further and shape work towards an art of living" The business world is developing rapidly and is merging our worklifestyle and leisure activities. This is mainly due to the flexible working hours. Flexible working hours are a great thing in itself, but there is currently no good system behind it and the full potential is not being realized yet. PuraWorka wants to provide the structures for this. This allows PuraWorka to significantly improve the quality of life.

3. How can we imagine a typical day at the CoWorking Space in Hotel Zermama?

Having a super healthy and delicious breakfast at Zermama Bistro, then off to enjoy the best of the snow on and off the amazing slopes or hike, bike, yoga in Zermatt. In the early afternoon you’ll come back refreshed and full of energy. In the CoWorking space you will move forward with all the projects and duties. In the end of the afternoon or early evening is still a lot of time left to meet up with friends or relatives at Zermama’s After Ski Terrace to have some nice drinks together and bond.

4. "Only Workaholics work during holidays”. Can you defend or agree with that statement?

The idea and guiding principle of PuraWorka is certainly not to replace holidays and work instead. Rather, the CoWorking Space wants to represent a change of scenery of the usual work setting. A short break in the mountains inspires and gives a lot of energy. The idea is to work remotely and stay longer in beautiful destinations. Hence, keep the same number of vacation days but work in beautiful destinations rather than a dark grey office down in the city.

5. Vision of PuraWorka - What’s next?

We would like to open up new destinations. My dream destinations would be Japan (Powder Heaven) and Costa Rica (Beach Paradise). In Zermatt we strive to create a hub where local entrepreneurs are promoted, mix and discuss with travelers from all around the world. A place for ideas and projects and a lot of exchange.