6 Questions for Norberto, Mama’s darling

Norberto Medina has been the new host at Hotel Zermama in Zermatt since August 2022. In a short interview, the native Spaniard explains what his duties are at Hotel Zermama and introduces himself to Mama's darlings. Welcome to Mama, dear Norberto!

1. What do you do as a host at Hotel Zermama?

My job is to make the guests happy. As a host, I am the first point of contact with our guests. I welcome the guests, present the hotel with its beautiful details, Mama's Shop and the idyllic wine cellar. Of course, the best tips and recommendations about Zermatt are divulged during the tour. I'm always delighted to tell guests about Zermatt's mountains and Mama's Partners in Crimes like Club Mamacita, Grampi's Restaurant, the Hexenbar and Elsie's Bar. Zermatt has so many exciting and enriching things to discover.

It is especially important to me that every guest feels comfortable and in good hands at Hotel Zermama. For me and the Mama Family, this means that we are particularly attentive hosts and take note of guests' wishes and preferences, as well as being in lively exchange with our guests. Mama conveys a warm atmosphere and sincere hospitality. This feeling is clearly noticeable here.

Of course, a lot also happens behind the scenes. Hence, I am in contact with all the Mama departments daily, communicating and coordinating. No two days are the same and it’s a role I enjoy very much. There is a lot of dynamism and responsibility that comes with my job. In order to be able to guarantee a flawless running of the hotel, I am in constant exchange with the service, kitchen and housekeeping.

2. What do you exchange with the departments?

With the service team, for example, I look at the occupancy rate in the Zermama Bistro and pass on reservations, guest feedback and special requests. I also have contact with Mama's darlings from the kitchen on a daily basis. Often, it's things like ordering, or checking goods. But the highlight is when Mama's chef, Greg, has prepared a new creation and asks for feedback from the Mama family. I got to try Mama's Chocolate Melt (trio of chocolate surprise balls) before it was even on the menu. With housekeeping, I check the rooms and let them know about room upgrades. Because Mama always gives upgrades whenever possible. Why? Because we see our guests as Mama's darlings and want to pamper them accordingly.

3. What is your focus at Hotel Zermama?

I pay special attention to the wow effect. Mama is different and our guests should feel that. From the escort to the room, Zermatt cheese fondue on their own room balcony, the PuraWorka co-working space, Mama's fake fur coats (that have already opened a few Instagram posts) and so much more! I think every room is a highlight, the food in the bistro, which is available all day, tastes simply amazing and daily live music on the terrace attracts Mama's guests as well as passers-by. I really like the dynamic at Mama's and appreciate the atmosphere enormously. Mama makes my job easy because I am 100% behind the vision.

4. What would your ideal day look like if you came to Zermatt as a guest?

I imagine my perfect day would be to use the Sunnegga cable car just across the street from Hotel Zermama in the morning and go biking in the mountains. At lunchtime I would dine in one of the great mountain restaurants on Findeln. Back in the village, I would enjoy a white Valais wine at Elsie's Wine and Champagne Bar terrace, followed by one of Gianpiero’s fantastic pizzas at the Ristorante Pizzaria Grampi. Completely exhausted but satisfied, I would then gaze at the Matterhorn in the whirlpool of the Pool Position room. Life in the mountains can be so beautiful!

5. Zermatt is for you...?

I have worked in many destinations; on all the Canary Islands and in Germany. But Zermatt is my dream destination - not only for holidays, but living here. I have found a home here and feel very comfortable.

6. What have you always wanted to do, but never had the chance?

I've actually never paraglided before. This autumn I really want to try my first paragliding trip in the Zermatt mountains. I'm good at water sports, but obviously this very different terrain. As a Spanish national, mountain sports are still something I am adapting to, step by step.